We believe family is the foundation of learning and growing for children. Melissa and Logan, founders of Happy Feet Academy take great pride in running this business as a family. When we hire staff we consider them family, in the same way we consider you family when you choose to have your child attend our child care center. Our family and our staff want only the best for your children and will care for them like we would our own while they are at Happy Feet Academy.


We cannot wait for you to join our family!

“Free-play” (also called child-initiated activities, free choice, self-selection) will be incorporated into the morning and afternoon schedule and must encompass a minimum of ⅓
of the child’s day. Teachers will actively participate with the children during free play activities by asking questions about what the children are doing, participating in their pretend play, reading books when prompted, encouraging children to try new activities or play with a new toy, etc.

Outdoor play will be incorporated into the daily schedule for both the morning and afternoon, in almost all weather conditions. In the event of severe wind/cold, or extreme
heat, children are permitted to remain indoors. Teachers will refer to the Child Care Weather Watch poster to determine if it is too hot or cold to play outdoors. There is less structure in an outdoor learning environment; however, staff members will actively engage in activities when prompted by the children. Outdoor play is an opportunity for children to run, jump, climb and use their bodies in ways that would otherwise be unsafe in an indoor classroom. In addition, a large amount of social interaction takes place when
children play outdoors. Because they are engaged in fewer teacher-directed activities and more child- directed play, children are able to choose their friends and who to interact with. The outdoor learning environment is an extension of the indoor classroom. Concepts taught indoors will be expanded upon while outdoors. For example, building with blocks on an
uneven surface outside, or playing with toy cars in the grass teaches children about different textures, sounds, and smells because the environment is naturally different from the indoors. Lesson plans will include an outdoor learning component.

The Washington Department of Early Learning requires that all children be provided a regularly scheduled nap or rest time. Children will not be forced to sleep but will be
encouraged to lie quietly for a period of time. The length of time a child should have to remain resting varies by child. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the maximum amount of time a child should have to remain resting. However, the state does mandate that we as a
provider may not wake a child up from rest time. Children will be provided alternative quiet
activities if unable to rest.

At Happy Feet we believe that nutrition is a key component of development, and we are dedicated to offering a variety of foods to your child while they are in our care. We have voluntarily chosen to participate in the USDA food program called the Child and Adult Care Food Program. This program regulates what foods we are required to offer for each meal and how frequently they should be served.

Upon arrival parents must sign their child in at the check-in kiosk by the front entrance. Each parent/caregiver will have their own unique Brightwheel pin number for signing children in. Washington Department of Early Learning requires us to accurately track who picks up and drops off children therefore, it is imperative that parents only use the pin number assigned to you through the Brightwheel system. Parents can add authorized pick-up people to the online
database and each individual will be assigned their own pin number. We also utilize a front door code for security that we rotate several times per year, please only share this code with individuals that are approved to pick-up your child.

Upon departure parents must ensure they sign their child out at the Brightwheel Kiosk. Parents will receive a verbal report of how the day went for their child and will be reminded if
the child needs any supplies/materials (Diapers, wipes, weather appropriate clothing items, etc.). Happy Feet strives to be a paperless facility to assist with accurate record keeping therefore, the Brightwheel system is where parents will be notifi ed of supply/material needs, changes to the daily schedule, updates about special events, and notifi cations of any accidents/incidents that may have occurred throughout the day.